Curriculum Summary and Outline

Our curriculum builds on donated and publicly available resources with a track record of resounding success. We curate these resources and deliver them in a supportive, trauma-informed environment. We use examples, teaching methods, and practice projects that our students identify with and that teach critical skills they need to maintain the economic power they earn.

Every student learns at a different pace, and practice is critical to success in software development. We gradually transition students from building practice projects to building paying client projects on the timeline that works for them. (The timelines below are approximations)

Curriculum Timeline

Digital Literacy

6 weeks
  • Typing
  • Personal Finance
  • How Computers Work
  • How Software Works
  • Critical Software Programs
  • How the Internet Works
  • Software Development Lifecycle
  • Software Testing

*upon completion of this module, students can earn up to $30 per hour as testers.

Software Development

4 months (approx.)
  • Core JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Content Management Systems
  • Git

Design Track

2 months (approx.)
  • Principles of UX Design
  • Visual Design Principles
  • Advanced CSS
  • Design and Creativity Tools

Full Stack

4 to 8 months
  • Advanced JavaScript
  • Angular 2 Framework and MEAN Stack
  • Python
  • Mobile Applications