Our Mission.

Transforming survivors of human trafficking into software professionals to sustain a lifetime free of exploitation

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Our Method

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We partner with shelters to train capable human trafficking survivors in digital fluency and software programming in a trauma-informed, collaborative, inclusive environment that prioritizes their value.

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We source and manage freelance software lifecycle services contract projects to help students earn regardless of industry barriers, leveraging revenue from these projects to expand our training.

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We galvanize professionals across the software lifecycle to collaborate with students and other survivors to build software that combats human trafficking and address the vulnerabilities that lead to human trafficking.

“AnnieCannons” means innovation through collaboration, especially collaboration of the under-appreciated. Annie Jump Cannon worked at the Harvard Observatory with a team of women in the early 20th century. Their names are generally unknown. Yet Annie discerned the very categories stars fall into, and other women in her lab discovered how to measure the distance between galaxies, to understand the elemental composition of stars and their lifecycle. One published a thesis that would serve as the core astronomy textbook for years. Most were told they should “go be a housewife.” We’re glad they didn’t.

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What our students are saying...

“I would highly recommend the training because I believe that every single girl in San Francisco and in this world deserves the human right of education…I think that AnnieCannons is going to change their lives, that it is going to be super helpful because you can have the skills and have the support that you need to follow your dreams and to have a better life for yourself and your family.”

“Reason #1 I joined this training is to help my community.”

“Sometimes [this training] gets complicated and sometimes it’s really fun.”

“I want to use the training to find solutions for the things that are happening in my community like homelessness, housing prices, sex trafficking and domestic violence.”

“Thank you for giving me this opportunity and for the love and support that I get. I feel that this is gonna change my life and my community."


"At Twitter, we meet with nonprofits all over the world, and really we haven’t come across an approach that is as innovative as what AnnieCannons has created. Being able to work with AnnieCannons and learn from their experience but also working with victims who now feel empowered to enable technologies like ours to be used for a good cause really is why we are here and how we want to use our platform. AnnieCannons is really leading the world with this space."

- Patricia Cartes Andrés, Head of Global Trust & Safety Outreach, Public Policy at Twitter

Our Inspiration

Dr. Annie Easley was raised by a single mother in the segregated South, but she still earned a Ph.D. in mathematics and joined NASA; her innovations enabled spaceflight through rocket technology and hybrid car batteries.

Hedy Lamarr, remembered for her beauty and films, actually invented “spread spectrum” radio technology – which allowed the US to encrypt military messages during World War II and which formed the basis for modern wireless technology.

Dr. Mae Jemison went to Stanford at 16 and trained as a physician before being recruited to NASA, where she became the first black woman in space. She later founded a successful biotech company and a foundation for underprivileged youth.

Dr. Chien-Shiung Wu was a nuclear physicist whose insights illuminated the behavior of decaying atoms and who, during the Manhattan Project, developed the process for separating uranium isotopes by weight.

Dr. Rosalind Franklin was a chemist and X-ray Crystallographer whose imaging and study of DNA revealed its double-helix structure & phosphate backbone. Though she was fundamental to identifying DNA’s double-helix structure, her name is rarely associated with the Nobel-prize winning discovery.

Dr. Ellen Ochoa is a pilot, astronaut and electrical engineer who holds three patents on optical engineering systems; she’s logged nearly a thousand hours in orbit, where, as a classical flutist, she was the first to experiment with music in space.

Dr. Flossie Wong-Staal helped identify the virus that causes AIDS – and one that causes cancer – as well as cloning and mapping the HIV genome, which paved the way for her invention of the first HIV test.

Annie Jump Cannon first discerned the categories of stars by observing their spectral emissions, enabling women she worked with to discover that those categories reflected the chemical composition and lifecycle of stars – a breakthrough that forged modern astronomy but for which this group of remarkable scientists is rarely credited.

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